Meet the Green Spoon team!



"I can eat 5 slices of cake in a sitting."

Jie Yuan Chen

Other than listening and supporting the team, Jie Yuan plans the direction of TGS and oversees each department. Outside her schedule, she loves to binge watch ASMR videos and dreams of being a Mukbang broadcaster.


Finance Director

"I am a plant-based introvert who loves observing."

Wenly Seow

A food safety postgraduate who is doing research to make lives meaningful. As an exco team member, she helps in finance management. Outside of TGS, Wenly loves cooking, reading, volunteering in NGOs to connect with other people, she enjoys practicing sustainable living too! 


Marketing & Outreach Co-Director

"I dream of having a dokodemo, so I can try food from around the world."

Jazz Tan

Soon to be a first year university student, Jazz creates and executes the marketing plans for TGS social media. At the same time, she also enjoys baking and trying out various plant-based recipes!


Vice President

"A big fan of plant-based meat but will always prefer OMNI over Beyond!"

Weng Yan Heng


A Final Year Nutrition student who's into all things about food. Weng Yan supports President in overseeing each department’s work and is responsible for forming and maintaining partnerships with MVS and business partners. She enjoys reading non-fictions and trying out new food from different places!


Events Co-Director

"If I get to choose my next life, I want to be a panda."

Ying Rui Neoh

A youth who is passionate about SDGs and climate action. Ying Rui plans and coordinates fun events to be executed by TGS. During her free time, she finds it irresistible to listen to K-pop and watch interesting dramas.


Marketing & Outreach Co-Director

"Can't do without my emotional support water bottle."

Thuvaaraka Srikanth

A psychology major from Sri Lanka. Thuvaaraka co-manages TGS marketing plans with Jazz and designs content for TGS socials. Thuvaaraka is a passionate mental health advocate working on reconnecting with her inner child (and encourages everyone to do so too)!


Secretarial & Communication Director

"If I had one choice, the fictional world I would transport into would be Naruto!."

Ravika Ravichandran

A freelance writer and an aspiring law/business pre-uni student. Ravika leads content creation for the website & blog posts, communications and secretarial work. Outside of TGS, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, learning more about sustainability and advocacy.


Events Co-Director

"Falafel is my favourite f-word."

Trinity Chin

An aspiring Nutritionist and a foodie at heart, yet she can’t choose between coffee or tea. Trinity cascades strategic direction with the TGS leadership team into events. Outside of TGS, Trinity loves spending time with her family and friends, binge-watching movies or YouTube videos, and is a big fan of puns and memes. 


Creativity & Design Director

"Can't live without rice."

Jean Low

As a final year animation student, Jean spends most of the time in the day animating, while helping in TGS design team part-time. In TGS, she is mainly in charge of the website design. She enjoys designing and her passion lies in telling stories through illustration.




Sukhi Wei

Sukhi is the founder of myVeganuari. She put The Green Spoon team together, to continue on the plant-based movement. She believes in conscious and compassionate eating, and dedicates her time to projects in food and sustainable agriculture. Sukhi can never resist a good vegan ice cream!


James Lee

James is working in F&B line promoting plant-based food in Malaysia. As one of the mentors in TGS, he provides assistance and direction for the team when needed.


Dakshan Krishnamurthy

Dakshan is working in the Finance industry but will probably shift towards the food industry. In his free time, Dakshan loves gardening and trying to recreate random food recipes. He hopes to minimise his carbon footprint as much as possible.