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5 Easy Ways to Go Plant Based in Malaysia

Updated: Jan 3

You might be thinking, "What is the shortcut way to go plant based?"

The fact that you clicked on this article means that you are interested in improving your life and that of others. But you find it difficult to change your meat-eating habit and need a little push.

The easiest way to go plant based in Malaysia?

Just choose to eat plant based food every single meal and forget that meat is ever an option.

If you think about it, the act itself is easy. But the little voice in your head is probably saying, "It's easier said than done!"

Don't worry, there are ways to make the transition easy and you will get used to eating plant based food in no time!

Find Plant Based Restaurants Near You

Do you have a smartphone? If yes, then you can easily find plant based restaurants wherever you go in Malaysia. The restaurant doesn't even have to be fully plant based or vegan. As long as they serve some plant based options, you’re good to go. This is an easy way to eat plant based if you are the kind who rarely cook or would rather eat out.

You can download the HappyCow, GoVeggie Malaysia and/or KindMeal app. All of these apps show vegan and vegetarian cafes near you. They differ slightly on the listing, offers and filtering options. Here's a quick breakdown of the features.


● It's community-driven so the listings would show places that users go to, not necessarily every vegan or vegetarian cafe available in an area.

● You can use this app outside of Malaysia as the community is worldwide.

● You may see photos and reviews of the restaurant by customers who visited, which can be helpful when choosing a restaurant.

● When searching for a restaurant, you can filter by the food type served i.e. vegan, vegetarian and/or veg options.

GoVeggie Malaysia

● This app focuses on vegetarian restaurants in Malaysia which may or may not provide vegan food specifically.

● You can search for vendors near you selling budget meals.

● You can filter by food type, working hours, and the area you live in.

● The app also allows you to search for shops with organic products and delivery services.


● This app mostly features vegetarian restaurants, even those in Langkawi, which you may browse on their Google MyMaps.

● They offer meal deals or discounts with partnering vendors.

● You can also get featured on the app by sharing your meat-free meals.

Veganize Your Favourite Malaysian Dishes

If you're the type who prefers to cook your own meals, then you may like the relatively easy challenge of cooking plant based dishes. All you need to do is to replace the meat part of a dish and substitute it with a plant protein such as tofu, tempeh or beans. For dishes that contain eggs, you might want to search for an egg replacement or a recipe that does the same dish using other ingredients. Nowadays, you don’t have to worry too much as It's quite easy to find plant based ingredients in the supermarket.

Join The PBHALL Challenge

The Plant Based Health for All (PBHALL or PBH4ALL) is a social enterprise based in Malaysia dedicated to helping people transition to a plant based diet and improving health. If you live in the Klang Valley, you can sign up for this 2-week clean eating challenge. You will receive plant based meals daily which are curated by doctors, nutritionists and chefs. This means you don't have to cook or go out to eat. Everything is delivered to you! The fee is quite reasonable especially if the end result means that your cholesterol may drop by 18%. If you're not up for the challenge but would like to try a meal, you can always order from their selection of plant based food.

Get Support From The Vegan Community In Malaysia

Going plant based can be a daunting and lonely journey if you don't have the right support system. The sad truth is that you may not be able to depend on your family for total support if they're not going plant based together with you. So how do you keep your motivation level up? Search for the vegan community online wherever you are on social media. On Facebook, there are a few Malaysian Vegan groups where they share tips and new vegan finds. On Instagram, you can search the hashtag #vegansinmalaysia and discover many individuals who are open to eating plant based. There are also vegan advocates who show their unique vegan food creations and provide educational content. Don't be shy to slide into their DMs and ask for help if you need any.

Keep An Open Mind

Going plant based is easy if you keep thinking it's easy and that you have the tools you need to make a smooth transition. You do need to put in some effort to learn what ingredients you need, which restaurants to go to, and what you should eat for a balanced nutritional meal. Remember, easy does not mean effortless. It just means that you have the resources and tools at hand to ultimately reach your goal of embracing the plant based vegan diet and lifestyle.

Join MyVeganuari

Ready to embark on your plant based journey? Join MyVeganuari for that extra push and motivation for you to try eating plant based food in January. Sign up now!


About the writer:

Diyana is a freelance writer and vegan advocate. She has been vegan since 2015 and has enjoyed the food and friendship that comes with it! Read more about her vegan journey and the lessons that she learned here.

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